We, at Beginnings, believe that a child's mind is a blank slate and we aim to paint it with colors of imagination. We aim to create an atmosphere for learning and provide opportunities to the curious mind for the over-all development of the child.

At Beginnings, learning takes place with interactive games, field trips, self-expression, memory games, stage exposure, nature walks, and communication. We ensure that the atmosphere is amicable and entertaining for the children’s. Little children are continuously constructing their own world of meaning, they are active thinkers and inquirers; at our campus, we provide them with an indoor and outdoor environment to learn and grow. We continuously provide kids at our school with opportunities to comfortably express them and quench their natural instinct of being inquisitive.

We focus on enhancing the communication skills of children with creative usage of areas of dramatics, science, and arts. Children our future generation, the glory of our nation and this is why we aim to nurture and cultivate the development of children.