Pre Nursery

For a child the transition from home to school takes time and to make this process easier, we have a comfortable atmosphere and environment, where we organize interesting activities to keep the atmosphere upbeat for little children. Play is the base of development and learning for young children. Thus, we encourage children to become independent learners and also allow them to exercise their freedom of choice. Initially the children’s enjoy in the settling zone until they become familiar with the surroundings and the teachers.

Children’s learn in a variety of ways: watching others, talking, asking questions, listening, exploring and we incorporate all these activities as a part of our curriculum for their learning. We organize many indoor and outdoor play experiences as part of our preschool curriculum that helps will help children to learn while having fun. At the pre-nursery level, we introduce the children to the learning of basic concepts like colours, shapes, moving on to learn about the environment.

This level is suitable for children in the age group between 2.5 to 3 years.